La Vanda – Malvazija 2016

Short description: A rather warm malvazia, which will find its target crowd of lovers in macerated and/or warm wine drinkers.

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Refošk 2015

Short description: Very good refosco, which definitely has a nozzle for further development. The excellent vintage for red wines has provided optimum maturity and slightly lower acids, so the wine already works in a balanced way. Highly recommended to all refosco fans.

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Refošk 2013

Short description: Good refosco with a more pronounced varietal acid that certainly hasn’t said its last words. 

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Rose 2016

Short description:An atypical and interesting rose that will find its lovers among those wine lovers who are not convinced by the modern style of wines of this color and who prefer stronger wines.

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Viktorija (bio zvrst) 2015

Short description: An extremely pleasing and beautifully balanced red genre in which cabernet sauvginon and refosco are perfectly matched.

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Cabernet 2016

Short description: Krepak in poln istrski cabernet sauvignon, ki je zaradi živahnih kislin presenetljivo lepo piten. Prav lep.

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Etiketa Cabernet

In our cellar we produce only still wines of the refosco, malmsey, cabernet, rose and Victoria varieties. All our wines have been matured for at least two years in wooden barrels. Only in exceptional harvests do we produce a modest amount of macerated malvasia with the traditional Istrian method of prolonged canning of mash.

The acknowledgments received and commendable responses pay off our effort and encourage our work and confirm that we are on the right track.

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